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Welcome to Lost in Plymouth!

Plymouth is a city in the south of Devon in the UK. It is the 15th most populous in England with over 250000 residents. Plymouth is home to one of the fastest growing Universities in England, which contributes greatly to the development of the city as a whole. It is currently in a period of rejuvination and there is a big project underway to turn Plymouth into one of the finest maritime cities in Europe.

The purpose of this site is to provide information on places to go and things to do in Plymouth so that someone with no idea of the area can find a nice place to spend their free time. This could apply to students, tourists or even locals who might not have visited all the areas in the city. As well as descriptions you will also find many photos taken by us of all the places found on this site. So even if you know the area well, you might appreciate seeing some lovely photos!

If you would like information about places to go in Plymouth, then click here. Hopefully it will provide you with something useful and give you a good day out!

Enjoy your stay and please come back again!

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