The Plymouth Hoe

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The Plymouth Hoe

The Hoe is probably one of the most defining areas of Plymouth. A beautiful view of the Plymouth Sound and Plymouth's Coastline. It is also known historically as being the place where Sir Francis Drake once played bowls right before he sailed out to battle the Spanish Armada in 1588. There is actually a status of Drake found watching over Plymouth Sound, almost ready to fend off another attack on the country.

There is a decent walk along the edge of the Hoe from the Barbican in the East all the way to opposite the Brittany Ferry dock in the West. Each step along the way provides you with amazing views of the surrounding ocean. Couple that with a clear, sunny day with a lovely blue sky and it could be considered as one of the most beautiful settings in the South West.

Up on the Promenade you can obtain a wider view of the area - although be prepared for some strong winds up there on an unsettled day! Sit down and relax on one of many benches and take in the breathtaking views.

Sitting proudly on the Promenade is Smeaton's Tower - an old lighthouse that was actually moved here from Eddystone Rocks in the 1870's after the rock it sat on started forming cracks.

Throughout the year the Hoe and particularly the Promenade is used for various activities and shows. The cities main fireworks are launched from here on Guy Fawkes night and the National Fireworks Championships take place here annually as well. It's an ideal setting for military parades, fair grounds and music concerts, as well as many other events.

Other Images:

Smeaton's Tower on the Promenade
Bowling green
War Memorial
War Memorial and Sir Francis Drake's Statue
Another view from the promenade
Looking up at Smeaton's Tower
Drake's Island
Overlooking cafe and Drake's Island
Garden Memorial
The Belvedere
Warship on the Plymouth Sound
Warship going past the Tinside Pool
Old Wall
The Coffee Shack
Drake's Island at Sunset 1
Drake's Island at Sunset 2
Drake's Island at Sunset 3
Looking across to the Plymouth Dome
British Flag flying above the Royal Citadel
Flats on the Hoe
A docked Brittany Ferry
Looking down onto the Hoe
Looking up at Smeaton's Tower and the Plymouth Dome
Fishing on the Hoe
Wet Wok Restaurant
Pool and bathing area
Ferry on the Hoe
Ferry on the Hoe
Large Outdoor Pool on the Hoe
Smeaton's Tower

Distance from Sundial Rough Walking Time
868 metres 11 minutes

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