Devil's Point

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Devil's Point

A coastal point on the other side of the Ferry dock compared to the Hoe. From here and the surrounding area you can see hidden sites not seen from the Hoe including a different angle of Drake's Island.

It is not a huge area, but it can be very interesting and relaxing to walk along the coast here. There are several points where you can walk down some steps to the sea level and there are plenty of benches scattered around. At the far corner of this area at Devil's Point, you could sometimes catch the odd Warship being escorted into the nearby Devonport Dockyards.

There is a small cafe and a restaurant right on the edge along the coastal path as well as public toilets, so you are able to rest and relax before moving on.

Other Images:

East side of the area
At sea level
Rocks and stones
Warship entering the area on a foggy day
Close up picture of a warship
Rock pool and police
Another damn seagull!!!
Small beach area
Artillery Tower Restaurant

Distance from Sundial Rough Walking Time
2181 metres 27 minutes

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