VUE Cinema

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VUE Cinema

The VUE Cinema was originally opened as a Warner Cinema in 1999 before being sold to VUE Entertainment in 2003. It has 15 screens and 3328 seats all arranged in a stadium style arrangement, which means plenty of leg room! The cinema itself is located within the Barbican Leisure Park in Coxside, where the old gas works used to be found.

In the immediate area around the cinema, there is a bowling alley (Tenpin), gym (Cannons), several restaurants (Frankie and Bennys, Old Orleans, Nando's and Pizza Hut) and even a nightclub complex (Oceana). As well as the fact that you can walk to the Barbican and even the city centre in a very short time, there are limitless possibilities for a good night out either before or after watching a film at the cinema.

This VUE Cinema participates in Orange Wednesdays, so if your telephone network is Orange, then it pays to use the "buy one get one free" offer every Wednesday. Of course, you will find the cinema very busy on this day in the evening, so make sure you arrive early so that you can find a good seat!

General ticket prices are quite expensive compared to other cinemas that are or have been in Plymouth in recent years (although they are all but closed down now!), but you do get a good quality screen and comfortable seating - something which the old cinemas such as the Drake Odeon or ABC cinema were lacking in.

Other Images:

Closer View of the Cinema
VUE Sign
Snack Bar
Inside Stairs
Hall of Screens
Hall of Screens 2
Screens 10-15

Distance from Sundial Rough Walking Time
1344 metres 17 minutes

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