Canonteign Falls

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Canonteign Falls

Canonteign Falls is located within the Dartmoor National Park on the North East edge, near to Exeter. It boasts having England's highest waterfall, which measures in at 220 feet or 67 metres high. However, what's interesting is that this waterfall is actually artificially constructed by diverting water from the nearby natural waterfall. This was accomplished by miners employed by Lady Susan Exmouth in 1880, who had previously lost their jobs when the Frank Mills mine was closed the same year.

On admission in the cottage, you can walk either straight to the falls themselves, or take one of the lovely walks around the several, beautiful lakes found in the grounds, surrounding the falls.

When going to the waterfall, you can either take the more direct approach, which can involve some steep and awkward climbing up and around the main waterall, or you can take the easier, winding route that provides a more casual walk up to the top. Of course, you are rewarded with some wonderful views of the falls and surrounding area when taking the direct route, but the more casual route has it's benefits too due to the wildlife that can be seen in the wooded area you walk through. Upon reaching the top of the falls - Buzzards View - you are met with one of the most beautiful views of Devon that you can find - just see some of the breathtaking pictures below! The pictures themselves don't do it complete justice though, so you should definitely go and see for yourself!

As mentioned above, as well as the falls, there are some lovely lakes that you can walk around. On a bright and sunny day, the reflections found in the almost perfectly still water are amazing. It can be quite nice to casually walk around the lakes after the more strenuous climb to the falls.

There is also a cafe found within the cottage, which provides some very tasty treats! Try the cream tea - you won't be disappointed!

Other Images:

The lake closest to the cottage in front of the picnic area
Another shot of the first lake
Clear water in the first lake
Lonely tree in the field
Entrance to the route up to the waterfall
This way to England's Highest Waterfall
Small lower waterfall
Half way up the falls
The falls from below
The falls against the rocky edge
The natural falls
Wooden snake
Eye of the snake!
From Buzzards View
Looking down over the waterfall
From Buzzards View 2
Farms visible from Buzzards View
Canonteign Falls History
Buzzards View Sign
The falls from as seen from the easier path
The main lake and lots of green all around!
Reflections in the water
The falls from a distance
Cream tea for two!
Ducks in the lake
Another view of the main lake
Main entrance and cottage
Very tasty cream tea!

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