Bovisand Beach

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Bovisand Beach

Bovisand beach is a golden sand beach located just outside of Plymouth. It can be quite small when the tide is in, but if you catch it at the right time, there can be a decent sized area. It is a popular location among locals, due to it's beautiful position in a sheltered bay off the Plymouth Sound.

There are a couple of cafes in the area, one on the cliff north of the beach and another above the grassy area to the south of the beach, so you aren't reliant on your own food when coming for the day.

If you aren't a beach / sand person then the grassy area south of the beach can be a perfect location to relax in the sun with beautiful views across Plymouth Sound. Although in the summer season, you will need to get here nice and early to claim a spot as it can get pretty busy!

There are two main car parking areas, one being on the cliff above the beach (with some pretty deep steps joining it to the beach!) and a bigger one below the beach, although you will have to pay here.

If you are interested in walking, you can spend your day trekking along the coast, in either direction away from the main beach. Walking south you can eventually reach Wembury Beach, although be prepared and take food and drink as it will take a while!

Other Images:

Bovisand and surrounding area
Bovisand Beach
Breakwater from the beach
Holiday homes
Cliffs surrounding the beach
Houses on the cliff
Warship guarding the Sound
Small beach next to Bovisand
Beach next to Bovisand 2
Steps down to the neighbouring beach
Grassy area for relaxation
Looking out to sea
Looking back on the grassy area and towards Plymouth
Plymouth's Breakwater
Bovisand Beach
Coastal path
Rocks in the sea
Bovisand Beach
Clear water!
Mysterious water!
Rocks and a little island
Red Cliff
An island through the flowers

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