Becky Falls

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Becky Falls

Becky Falls is a woodland park located in Newton Abbot on Dartmoor. It was voted "The most beautiful place in Devon" according to one of it's signs in the car park. I'm not sure about it being the most beautiful, but it certainly is one of the nicest places to go in Devon.

The park itself comprises of 3 main walks of varying difficulties.

  • Blue Trail
    This is the easiest of the walks and can be completed in 30-40 mins. Basically you walk around the "Ancient Oak Woodland" where you will see a small river that leads on to the main falls. It can be a nice and peaceful walk, suitable for older or less able walkers. At certain points you are able to see across the moor and take in some wonderful views.

  • Red Trail
    This is the main walk where you see the actual falls. It is considerably more difficult to walk than the blue trail and will take 45-50 minutes, although there is a shortcut near the end, which can shave some time off if you are running late! If you go to Becky Falls, this is the main thing to experience and is highly recommended. Don't take any coins from the money tree though, or the Pixies will be after you!

  • Purple Trail
    This is only for those who enjoy finding routes out of nowhere! There is no real path to follow in parts, so be prepared if you feel adventurous and want to experience everything that's on offer. Even so, it is well worth spending some extra time to follow this additional route as there is a lot of natural beauty to admire. It should take about 30 minutes to complete.

At the beginning (or end depending on your perspective) there is a lovely, well looked after cafeteria that serves a variety of tasty things that you will feel you deserve after a long walk around the park.

For the young ones, there are various activities available to them, including the usual animal attractions and an indoor theatre for shows and other animal related performances.

Other Images:

Welcome to Becky Falls!
Along the
The sun shining into the park
A supernova?
Big boulders!
View across Dartmoor from the
Bridge across the river
Stepping stones
Down the river
Flowing water!
Araucaria Araucana!
The Money Tree
Another money tree?
Stones up to the bridge
The main falls
The falls from the side
Steps up to the end of the walk

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