Lydford Gorge

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Lydford Gorge

Lydford Gorge is the deepest gorge in the South West. It is also home to the 30 metre "White Lady" waterfall. The gorge itself provides a rather long 2.5km (1.5 miles) walk, which is full of wonderful views of the surrounding woodland and wildlife, of which there is plenty of!

There are two entrances to the gorge - one being near to the waterfall at the southern end and another near the Devil's Cauldron at the northern. However, from the northern entrance you can set off along a more casual path before finishing your journey at the more exciting areas of the gorge. This could be seen to build up the experience by slowly making the journey more and more interesting. There is also a cafe at this entrance where you can either fill up before your walk or enjoy some treats after a good bit of exercise!

The walk around the gorge can at times be very difficult, particularly when walking past the waterfall towards the Devil's Cauldron. There is one point where you are walking along a pretty narrow path on the side of a river on what could (depending on the weather) be very slippery rocks. There are hand rails to help you on your way though, but make sure to wear some suitable footwear, particularly on a wet day.

The White Lady waterfall is situated in a very pleasant area where you can sit and relax with the falls in front and a river around you. Just be careful not to fall in and get wet! Although not the most amazing waterfall in Devon, it is still very beautiful and worth seeing.

The Devil's Cauldron is basically a collection of whirlpools starting from inside of what is almost a cave, leading down through several pools where the water winds back and forth before it becomes the river that you walk along for most of the journey. To get into the main "cauldron" you need to walk along an extremely narrow ledge, where you really do have to hold on to the handrail! However, it is definitely worth braving as the cauldron is an interesting experience. Just don't scare your children too much when in there!

Overall, Lydford Gorge provides a wonderful day out for the family. You won't be disappointed with the walk and beautiful views it offers along the way.

Other Images:

Path leading to the gorge
View through the trees
Lots of trees and lots of colours!
Ripples in the water
Whitelady waterfall
Top of the falls
Pebbles in the water
One of many bridges
Very narrow path along the river
Winding water
Lots of green
The Devil's Cauldron
To another world?
Walk along an old railway line
The end!

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