The UK's largest aquarium holding the deepest tank in Europe.
The Barbican is a very old and historical area of Plymouth, perhaps best known for the Mayflower Steps where the Pilgrim Fathers once set sail for the New World of America.
Becky Falls
A beautiful woodland park located on Dartmoor in Newton Abbot.
Bovisand Beach
A small beach on the south coast of Devon, just outside of Plymouth.
Canonteign Falls
A beautiful location, home to England's highest waterfall.
Central Park
Plymouth's Central Park, a beautiful area in the centre of the city full of wildlife and sporting activities.
Civic Centre
The main local council offices of Plymouth.
Devil's Point
A coastal point on the other side of the Ferry dock compared to the Hoe that has even more wonderful views of the coast of Plymouth.
Drake Circus (Shopping Centre)
A covered shopping centre built in 2006 with the hope of re-invigorating Plymouth's shopping scene.
The Hoe is probably one of the most defining areas of Plymouth. A beautiful view of the Plymouth Sound and Plymouth's Coastline.
Lydford Gorge
Home to the deepest gorge in the South West and a 30 metre waterfall.
Mount Batten (Breakwater)
A breakwater extending from Mount Batten, opposite Plymouth Hoe.
It tells the time! A good meeting place too and the reference point for routes to other locations on this site.
Theatre Royal
The main theatre in Plymouth where all the big shows come.
VUE Cinema
Plymouth's main cinema located at the Barbican Leisure Park in Coxside.
Wembury Beach
A beach on the south coast, just outside of Plymouth.
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